What is a Food Broker?

At Omega Marketing, it's our job to help food producers and manufacturers get their products marketed and sold. We partner with Colorado's major distributors and wholesalers to get our clients products onto their shelves and into your hands.


Education & Consulting  

As selling agents for food producers and manufacturers, we pride ourselves on being specialists for each of the lines that we represent. We believe in a grass roots approach to sales at Omega- the dissemination of information is key. By working to educate chefs and restauranters about the advantages of our products, we create a loyal customer base for the manufacturers that we represent in our marketplace.

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Market Strategies

At Omega, we are a team of chefs and food service professionals and we work to harbor our strong relationships with both wholesalers and individual customers. Our extensive knowledge of the Colorado market allows us to determine where products will be most successful, strategize their placement, and ensure optimal case growth.



With seven experienced Broker Sales representatives to execute marketing campaigns and strategies, we believe in a grass roots approach to sales. Omega sells directly to chefs, restaurant owners, and retailers with the help of wholesalers and distributors.